Only a Preferred Jeweler can offer you the Preferred FREE Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

*For assistance please contact the Preferred Office at 888-998-8874

To keep your warranty valid you are required to visit your Preferred Jeweler every 6 months to have your items inspected and maintained. Your visit will be notated in the Preferred website data base. Customer and retailer will be notified by email 30 days before and again 14 days before “due date” inspection. Please ensure that we have a valid email address on file. Should there be a lapse in time and warranty has become invalid the retailer may then charge the customer if necessary to bring the item back into warrantable condition and then reinstate the warranty.

NOTE: Criteria for issuing a warranty may vary by retailer. Retailer has the option to apply for a RA Number and have the item sent in to the Preferred Facilitator “True Romance” to implement service covered under the Preferred Nationwide Warranty.

The Nationwide Warranty covers the replacement of any missing diamonds up to 0.20 ctw. If you lose a small diamond, take your item into the nearest Preferred Jeweler with your warranty number or card. They will be able to track your warranty in the Preferred Database. Keeping your warranty up to date and in good standing will assure that your diamonds can be replaced. If your warranty has lapsed you have the option to pay for this repair to bring your item back into pristine condition. Then the warranty can be updated and reinstated and put back in good standing. Insurance is always recomended for your center stone or for larger diamonds or loss.

For more help please contact us at 888-998-8874. If it is after hours, over the weekend or during the Holidays , please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.