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Build your own rings with the stunning collections of Certified Loose Diamonds and shop for elegant Bridal Jewelry, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces from the Siebke Hoyt Jewelers, experienced watch makers of Cedar Rapids, IAIowa.

Family-owned and operated jewelry stores are some of the best places to find priceless treasures to be loved and cherished for many years to come. Siebke-Hoyt Jewelers began over a century ago in 1889 by two experienced watch makers, George B. Ludy and Robert P. Taylor, under the name Ludy and Taylor Jewelers. They worked well together for many years and decided to hire a young watchmaker by the name of Gustav Siebke in 1914. Siebke was a graduate of the Bradley-Horological Institute, and worked hard to become a full partner in 1921. A few years down the road, Joseph Hoyt came along and fell in love with Gustav's daughter Marilyn. They became married in 1945. Joseph Hoyt was also a watch maker and decided to join the company, becoming partner in 1953. This is when the name of the jewelry store was changed to Siebke-Hoyt to reflect the actual owners of the business. The company was then handed down to Joseph's son, Jay Hoyt, now the current president. His younger brother Thomas joined the company in 1986, and helps run the company, acting as Vice President. This epic love story shows how families can work together to create a reputable and successful business selling only the finest diamond engagement rings, bracelets and watches available.

This family-owned business strives to provide the best possible products at affordable prices. They do not just want your business… they also want your children's and grandchildren's business too. This is why their selection of loose diamonds and fine time pieces has been called the best in the Midwest. Their rigorous grading process goes far beyond the four C's of diamonds in order to only sell the best of the best. Their diamonds shine brighter and will be enjoyed for many years.

Every special occasion can be celebrated with a piece of jewelry. Your wedding day is celebrated with wedding bands, diamond rings and your anniversary is the perfect time to purchase certified diamonds for that loved one in your life. Let a trusted jewelry store like Siebke-Hoyt help you do your jewelry shopping. When it comes to family-owned, reputable jewelry stores, Siebke-Hoyt is here to treat you as a friend and a neighbor, all while providing you the jewelry of your dreams.