Quenan’s Fine Jewelers located in Texas, provides Diamond Engagement Rings, Certified Loose Diamonds, Wedding Bands and Anniversary Rings in Georgetown, TX.
When Steve and Kyra Quenan opened Quenan’s Jewelers in Georgetown, Texas in 1999, it was not simply the first day of a new business, instead it was the next chapter of an adventure. That adventure started 52 years earlier in Bastrop, Louisiana when Steve’s parents, William and Lilian Quenan, opened their jewelry store.
Brought up in that environment, Steve learned every aspect of the jewelry business, from sweeping floors to polishing stones. Today, 68 years later, Steve and his wife Kyra continue the tradition his parents began by selling the finest diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, wedding bands and certified loose diamonds at a fair price, treating each customer with the respect they deserve.
In 1983, armed with a degree in geology from Northeast Louisiana University, Steve returned to the family business and spent the next sixteen years growing the business. Finally, in 1999 he and Kyra decided to look for a new location, searching for a community that was growing and would benefit from their experience in the jewelry business and the selection of fine jewelry they offered. After searching out many locations, they found the central Texas town of Georgetown. Securing a location in the historic town square, they reopened the family business.
They were such a perfect fit for the town that business grew exponentially. Finally, in 2008, they moved into their new location in a historic business located one block from their original location. Even though they have switched states and moved locations, they continue to offer the finest in diamond engagement rings, bridal jewelry, fine diamond jewelry and the latest in gold, silver and platinum jewelry.
They pride themselves on their passionate friendly professional service. Quenan’s Jewelers continues to be the premiere jewelry store in the Austin area for people looking for the finest jewelry at the fairest price offered with exceptional customer service.