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Topper Fine Jewelers offers the latest designs of Diamond Engagement Rings, Anniversary RingsCertified Loose Diamonds, Wedding Bands, Bridal Jewelry, Diamond, Gold and Tantalum Rings, Stud, Hoop, Huggies, Pave, Pearl, Blue Sapphire Gemstone Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants, Tennis Bracelets, Bangles, Luxury Swiss Made Watches, Watch Winders, Boxes & Cases, Luxury Swiss Made Watches and Pre-Owned Watches in Burlingame, CA, California. Topper Fine Jewelers is known for being one of the best and most trustworthy jewelry stores in Burlingame, California. Visit their store for Sell Your Old Gold Jewelry, Cash for Gold, Sell Your Diamond for Instant Money, Jewelry Financing services.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where so much business is done virtually, the most popular jewelry store is one that still adheres to the traditional methods of doing business. Maybe it is this timeless nature, a sense of permanence in a temporary world, or maybe it is just their unassailable commitment to quality and their impeccable professional customer service. Whatever it is, Burlingame, California’s number one choice among jewelry stores when it comes to bridal jewelry, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, loose diamonds and an amazing must see selection of watches is Topper Fine Jewelers.

Established in 1940, long before the world even knew what the internet was, Topper Fine Jewelers began life as a trusted source for the finest European time pieces. Drawing on a discerning clientele, including the elite of San Francisco, as well as the professors and staff of Stanford, their collection of exquisite watches was the envy of all their competition. Almost seventy five years later, they have not lost sight of where they came from, and today they continue to offer an impressive selection of watches from all over the world, including styles from such designers as Ball, Hamilton, Longines, OMEGA, Philip Stein, Rado and Zenith. Along with the watches, they offer an untouchable repair department with the ability to fix almost any watch that has been made anywhere, regardless of whether or not it was bought from them.

That craftsmanship allowed them to expand their business into jewelry repair as well. As more and more people came to recognize the excellence of their work and their popularity grew, the business continued to slowly grow, now including not just watches and watch repair but fine jewelry as well. Most importantly however, was that no matter how much the inventory grew, they continued to be focused on the importance of customer service, treating each person with complete respect and never letting the customer be anything less than completely satisfied. By exceeding every expectation while still adhering to the principals that initially made them a success, Topper Fine Jewelers continues to be the number one choice for discerning clientele in the San Francisco area.