Branham's Jewelry is a trusted name for quality Diamond Engagement Rings, Certified Loose Diamonds, Custom Design Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry Collection, Wedding Bands, Wedding Rings, Anniversary Rings, Fashion Stud Earrings, Gemstone Rings, Anklets, Bangles, Pearl Bracelets, Tennis Necklace, Pendants, Bridal Ring Sets, Chains, Charms, Earrings, and Luxury Swiss Made Watches. They are also offering Jewelry Repair, Ring Settings, Ring Resizing services of all latest designs. They are an extremely reliable jewelry retailer and committed to providing quality jewelry and services at both their Jewelry Stores. One in East Tawas, Oscoda and their second store in West Branch, MI, Michigan.

The mission at Branham's Jewelry is one of trust, ethical standards, knowledge, fair pricing and value. This is exactly how they have retained so many loyal customers over the years. Anyone can sell you a diamond engagement ring, but not everyone will stand behind their bridal jewelry for the entire duration of your ownership.

For over 50 years, Branham's Jewelry Store has not only provided for their fellow community on the East Tawas region, they have also given back to the community as well. They support local charities and volunteer their time in order to make the community a better place. By helping others, Branham's has grown from a small time jewelry store to a multiple brand jewelry retailer.

At Branham's, you will be treated like a friend and neighbor. You are not just another face in the crowd when you shop with them. Not only will they remember your anniversary, they will also remember for you which style of diamond ring your spouse tried on in a recent visit. Getting to know each and every one of their customers is very important to their company mission.

From wedding bands to luxury time pieces, Branham's guarantees satisfaction for everything they sell. Some would say their quality inspections border on obsessive since they personally inspect every item in their display cases. Their personal standards for loose diamonds go well beyond the four C's. Since they personally inspect every piece of their jewelry, you can rest assured everything in those cases is of superior quality.

Visit our store in East Tawas, MI and West Branch, Michigan, you can design your own jewelry with the help of our expert designers. 

Purchasing jewelry typically involves a very special occasion. When you are browsing diamond engagement rings for your significant other, you are not only buying her a piece of jewelry, you are also promising the rest of your life to this individual. There is nothing more special than deciding to merge your lives and become husband and wife. In the years that follow, you will likely give and receive many more luxurious gifts of jewelry. Branham's wants to be right there with you along every step of your journey of love and devotion. Let them build a relationship with you and assist you in every major life event you experience. Quality, trust and friendship is what Branham's is all about.