Inside the Tehachapi Arts Center, TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA 93561


Alari Design Jewelry Studio is a custom design jeweler store in Tehachapi, CA, California. You can choose from personalized jewelry for your wedding, customized bridal jewelry, diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, gemstone rings, earrings, necklace, pendants, family jewelry and men’s designer jewelry.

From an early age Michael Alari beaded, photographed, crocheted, designed, and planned. He has always been a maker.

Now in his third career as a full-time jewelry artist he has found peace and joy.

Michael is naturally drawn to organic forms, raw natural gemstones, fused and hammered metals, from very simple to the very complex. In his words, "Perfection in the not so perfect."

He loves that in his most "finished" pieces of jewelry you will always see marks from the hands that made it.

An actual jeweler will help you with your repair or a new piece of jewelry. They offer same day jewelry repair services, ring resizing, watch repair and watch battery replacements to the local customers in Tehachapi, CA.

If you are looking for something completely custom with an organic handmade feel or a high fashion piece of fine jewelry, Michael can help you realize your dreams. They are serving the customers in neighboring cities and in Lancaster, Mojave, Bear Valley, Stallion Springs, Keene, Bakersfield, California City, and Edwards.

"I want you to be happy with your jewelry from the least expensive to the most complex, Alari Jewelry has a life-time guarantee on workmanship."  

As one of the newest members to the Preferred Network, we are so happy to welcome Michael and his experienced staff of jewelers to the Preferred Family. 

We know that they will provide Experiences that last a Lifetime™ for everyone.