There’s no denying the impact of a piece of fine jewelry. It tells the people closest to you that they’re more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold. People cherish gifts like that. They keep them forever and then pass them down to the next generation.

Barnes Jewelry offers exclusive collections of Certified Diamond Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Anniversary Bands, Certified Loose Diamonds, Earrings, Bridal Jewelry, Diamond Bracelets, Anniversary Rings and Wedding Bands in Amarillo, Texas. Barnes is renowned for fulfilling your dream of bigger diamond.

Commemorating special occasions is what Barnes Jewelry is all about. It’s what they’ve been about since 1956. Whether you come in looking for the perfect engagement ring, to celebrate an anniversary, or to shop for a new timepiece; you’re going to the right place when you select Barnes as your local jewelry store.

Shopping for diamonds can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at or looking for. A little education goes a long way. Spend a few moments going through their detailed guide to the 4C’s and it could turn out to save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.

If you’re already fairly knowledgeable about diamonds and you just want to know how their prices stack up, feel free to call them for prices or come in and browse their loose diamond inventory. Email Barnes and arrange to come in and see the diamond in person at the store where you can compare it side by side with other diamonds. The diamonds you see on the web are basically virtual stones with a scan of a piece of paper describing the diamond. There is nothing that compares to actually seeing the diamonds in person.

Barnes welcomes you to their store location in Amarillo.

As Preferred Jewelers thay can assure that your love story begins with Experiences that last  Lifetime™.