Laurays, The Diamond Center located at Hot Springs offers Certified Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Bridal Jewelry in Hot Springs, Arkansas (AR). Laurays Jewelers also offers certified Designer Jewelry and watches at affordable price.

Lauray's The Diamond Center can be found in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Not only has this reputable company thrived over the years, it has also become one of the most trusted jewelry store names in the nation. Not only will you be treated like royalty from the minute you walk into the store, you will also notice their selections of only the highest quality jewelry. When taking care of their community, only the best and finest pieces of jewelry are acceptable to Mark Fleischner.

Mark Fleischner continues to uphold the family tradition of supplying the Hot Springs community with the best possible products available. Not only was he able to take notes from his father and grandfather, he also knows they would be proud if they could see exactly how he runs the business today. Based on integrity, honesty and hard work, Mark and Lauray's continues to sell the finest diamond engagement rings and other bridal jewelry to the wonderful town of Hot Springs. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have just purchased the most amazing and exquisite piece of jewelry that will symbolize your love for one another for the rest of your lives.

If you are in the market for a stunning pair of wedding bands, your one stop shop should be Lauray's. Not only do they have a vast selection of wedding rings, they will also make sure they get you exactly what you want within your budget. By keeping their customers more than happy, they can continue conducting business and thriving.

Lauray's promises to supply only loose diamonds that were not acquired via illegal methods. These diamonds are sometimes called blood diamonds or conflict diamonds because the money made from their sale finds rebel warfare in other countries. The Kimberly Process ensures that its members only buy certified diamonds from reliable sources in a legal manner. This means you can rest assured that your money is not going overseas to help bloody civil wars. This process is being widely accepted all over the country in hopes of putting a stop to rebel warfare in other countries that supply the majority of the world's diamonds.

By keeping promises to their loyal customers and providing exquisite loose diamonds free of conflict, Lauray's is perpetuating the never-ending cycle of excellent business practices in Arkansas.