Alter’s Gem Jewelry offers Certified Diamond Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Anniversary Bands, Certified Loose Diamonds, Earrings and Wedding Bands in Beaumont, TX, Texas. Alter's is widely known for carrying Rolex watches and noted designer jewelry as well as classic favorites and special pieces with rare and unique qualities.

When it comes to a story of the American dream, Alter's Gem Jewelry in Beaumont, Texas is the epitome of strength and success. This jewelry store has been faithfully serving its community for almost an entire century! Although they have hit some bumps in the road along the way, Alter's continues to thrive and overcome those obstacles they faced over the years. Known for their flashy Rolex watches, you will notice as you enter their showroom that they only provide the most quality loose diamonds and watches available.

Way back in 1915, this three generation, family owned business got its start thanks to Morris L. Jacobs' determination, strength and flexibility. These are the character traits this store lives and operates by every single day and it is what has brought them the success they enjoy today. Jacobs lost his dry goods retail operation in The Great Flood and was forced to relocate to Port Arthur where he secured a $3,000 loan to open a fine jewelry company. He wanted to sell only the finest diamond engagement rings in the area. Not only was he successful his first year of business, but he was also able to repay the loan he had secured and expand his company to Beaumont in 1929! Talk about perseverance and determination!

After Jacobs got the business up and running selling some of the most beautiful wedding bands people had ever seen, he invited his son-in-law to join the business since he was capable and willing and Jacobs was getting a little bit older. Nelson Alter undertook the title of President and continued to build the company and find success around every stone they uncovered. He adopted his mentor's (Jacobs) innovative style and determination to succeed, and proceeded to open nearly a dozen more stores in two states! Soon after, fine jewelry and watch franchises were awarded to some people and they had definitely made their mark in the jewelry business.

Not only does this store provide fine diamond engagement rings and other such bridal jewelry to the outstanding communities in Texas and Louisiana, they also give back to the community as well. Alter's Gem Jewelry has a specific branch of the company that performs over 100 charitable fundraising shows that benefit hospitals and other charitable foundations.

With grit and determination, Morris Jacobs got the ball rolling on this family owned and operated jewelry haven almost a century ago and it continues to prosper today.