Avenue Jewelers is the well known and "funtastic" Jeweler in Appleton, WI providing Diamond Engagement Rings, Silver Jewelry, Solitaire Rings, Diamond Earrings and Wedding Bands for over four decades. They are proud to offer Certified Loose Diamonds, Anniversary Rings and Custom Made Jewelry in Appleton, Wisconsin.
They know their stuff!
They've been around for a while, 43 years to be exact. You just don't stick around that long without impressing a customer or two. Their expert team knows jewelry like nobody's business.

Their ''Satisfaction'' Promise
They promise, you'll be abundantly satisfied! It's that simple. In fact ''satisfied'' is not enough in their book. If you're just ''satisfied'' they didn't do their job. This is jewelry we're talking about! It's extravagant, beautiful, and luxurious. If you're just satisfied, they want you back in their store immediately so they can make you absolutely, positively, abundantly satisfied!

Avenue People
Avenue's in-store consultants are jewelry, diamond and romance experts! From popping the question to planning the honeymoon, they will be there to help you plan your romantic journey.

They do it all! If you have jewelry and you need something done with it, Avenue Jewelers is the only place to go to make your dreams come true.

In-house Goldsmiths
Their Fixologist and Creatologist are well versed in the art of creation, manipulation, transformation and twinkleation. Not to mention repair! Their goldsmiths are right there in the building so if you ever have a question they can pop right in for a consultation.

Jewelry Appraisals
Avenue Jewelers is proud to offer appraisal services from Global Gemological Laboratories (GGL). GGL is recognized throughout the industry as a premier scientific gem lab certifying diamonds for cutters, importers, wholesalers and distinguished jewelers around the world.

Avenue Jewelers looks forward to seeing you and treating you to thier "funtastic" way providing the best customer service ever!