Rogers and Brooke Jewelers - A Legacy Unblemished

Rogers and Brooke Jewelers had its beginnings as a family-owned business over 75 years ago. Since then, we have upheld our ideals of service, respect and a customer-first approach to business. Brooke Jewelers  is known for offering a carefully-selected range of Engagement Rings, Anniversary Bands, Wedding Rings, Engagement Bands, Anniversary Rings and Wedding Bands as well as high quality Certified Loose Diamonds and Bridal Jewelry at our stores in Middlesboro, Kentucky.

We have always been more interested in forging relationships with our customers than simply making profit. Ours is a respected business famous for giving preference to customer satisfaction. You’re sure to find a friendly, helping hand on every visit to any of our stores. Several financing options make sure that you always get whatever it is that you desire! We top it all with excellent and consistent customer service and support that will never give you a reason to complain!

We proud ourselves on having the finest and most intriguing collection of fine jewelry. Every piece on offer is splendid in design and compellingly graceful. Rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants – all are selected carefully to cater to the desires of our esteemed customers. We have no doubts concerning who all eyes will be on, should you choose to wear from our charming bridal collection. Designed with love and patience, each item is unmatched in magnificence and will complement any style and wedding theme!

Brooke Jewelers makes your special day much more special! Now give her the ring that you know she dreams about. With our financing options, buying high-end jewelry is no big task. Head to our website now and choose from the multitude of jewelry collections and financing options. Let us help you start your love story the right way…