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Bailey’s Jewelers in Greenville, NC, offers Watches, designer jewelry, exquisite diamonds, fashion accessories, and wonderful gifts.  Using the Greenville store as a prototype, they have recently modernized its looks by making it more appealing to women and expanding it from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet.  In 2010 Bailey’s Jewelers opened two more stores bring it to a total of 5.

At Bailey’s they believe that for decades women have driven the jewelry business. So they decided to change the look of their store from a clubby men’s look, to a more boutique style that’s more appealing to women.  To renovate the store in Greenville they completely gutted it and started from scratch. They expanded the roof added columns and they used feminine colors, graceful curves and a high level of comfort. Bailey’s has also kept important features that include a children’s play area, marble bar and a customer lounge.

Every Woman Wants A Bailey’s Box.

Watches in Greenville, NC- Baileys Jewelry

When people think of Baileys, the little black and white striped box with a red bow on top comes to mind.  If the gift gets wrapped in paper the customer always ask, “Can I get it wrapped like I see in the magazine?” This little striped box has inspired Bailey’s to customize a car to look like a replica of the signature box with a red bow on the top.  The car is used for deliveries and when it passes people on the road they smile and remember their experience or get inspired to stop by.

In 2008 Bailey’s launched the “Finders Keepers” campaign. It started off with them surprising a random person from the community with a Bailey’s box. The box was filled with either a silver chain or pearl necklace and also enclosed a poem and letter that ask them to contact Bailey’s. A year later they organized the Ultimate Finders, Keepers city-wide treasure hunt orchestrated by SCVNGR. The winner of the contest is rewarded with a diamond ring. In this high-tech treasure hunt, all of the clues and riddles are delivered via text message right to your cell phone. Each clue the team answers accurately, rewards a certain amount of points, which takes them one step closer to the DIAMOND ring

Watches in Greenville, NC

If you want your own little striped box with a red bow filled with designer jewelry, exquisite diamonds, fashion accessories, wonderful gifts, and Watches, Bailey’s Jewelry in Greenville,  North Carolina will be honored to help you.

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