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How Long It Takes to Make Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered just how long it takes to make an engagement ring from scratch? Well, that depends on how simple or intricate the design is, of course. But here are some estimates in this article by Liz at Designers & Diamonds.

How Long, How Long Does it Take to Make an Engagement Ring

Do we all have Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in our head now? Excellent, let’s proceed.

When it’s time to start ring shopping, most lovebirds are blissfully unaware of the wait times between saying “I’ll take it!” and actually getting the rock in your possession. But even if you aren’t making a custom ring from scratch, you’re still likely to wait a few days until the ring is ready.


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So, lest you make the mistake of waking up this Saturday, deciding “Tonight’s the night!” then having your dreams crushed by your jeweler, let’s take a quick look at the typical wait times for a few different types of engagement rings. Click for full post…….

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