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The Meaning behind Birthstones

Birthstone Jewelry is a perfect birthday gift for someone special. These amazing gemstones are associated with the date of one’s birth and come in an array of different beautiful colors. Each stone is assigned to one of the 12 months in a year and has its own meanings. According to legend, birthstones are supposed to bring healing powers and therapeutic influences. When worn during the month it is designated to, the healing powers of the stone are believed to heighten.

January- Garnet

Garnet is derived from a Latin word “granatus,” meaning “grain” or “seed. The name was given to the gemstone because of its resemblance to the pomegranate seed. This beautiful birthstone signifies eternal friendship, trust and can also be a protective gem for journeyers to keep them safe on their travel and have speedy homecoming.

February –Amethyst

The word Amethyst actually comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning sober. Ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone would protect them from intoxication. The amethyst strengthens the bond in a love relationship, making the amethyst gemstone ideal for unique engagement rings. It is also believed to protect people with their struggles and help them overcome difficulty.

March- Aquamarine

This pale blue gem’s name comes from the Roman word “Aqua,” meaning water.  It is said to have fallen from the jewelry boxes of mermaids and washed up on beaches. Sailors wore the aquamarine gem as protection from dangers at sea. Symbolizing both safety and security, especially within long standing relationships, the Aquamarine gem is perfect for anniversary gifts. This gem has also been said to reawaken love in a tired marriage.

April- Diamond

Hindus called the Diamond “Vajra,” meaning lightening. This name was given to the diamond because of the way the light dances off of gem and the fact that it is harder than any other substance on earth. The Diamond is symbolic of everlasting love and making a promise of an enduring relationship. This gemstone is can be given as a gift for any occasion.

May- Emerald

French call the Emerald a “jardin,” or garden, because of its resemblance to foliage. The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and believed to give the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth. Wearing an Emerald can also bring wisdom, growth, patience, love and fidelity. All of these qualities are essential for a successful long lasting love.


The Greeks say that pearls were hardened tears of joy, shaken the eyes of the goddess of love on the day she was born from the sea.  Also Ancient Chinese myths say that the pearls came from the brains of dragons. Pearls are nature’s perfect gift and are viewed as a mark of taste, refinement and purity. They are perfect gifts for celebrating a marriage or the birth of a child.

July- Ruby

The ruby is one of the most highly prized gems throughout history. Hindus call it “Rajnapura” meaning King of gems. When worn on the left hand it is said to bring good fortune.The glow of this gemstone is said to be an internal flame that cannot be extinguished making a gift of this stone symbolic of everlasting love.

August- Peridot

Hawaiians say that Peridot gems are tears that have been shed from the Volcano goddess Pele. This natives believed this because this gemstone is formed by volcanic activity.A gift of Peridot symbolizes vitality, strength and growth, both individual and within a relationship.

September- Sapphire

Sapphire comes from the Greek word “sapphirus” meaning blue. Kings and Priest favored this birthstone because they considered them symbolic of wisdom and purity. With the diamond being the first hardest gem, the sapphire gemstone comes into a close second.This brilliant blue Sapphire represents sincerity and faithfulness.

October- Opal

The birthstone of October is the opal gemstone, a majestic mirage of colors that seem to explode in sparkling miraculous luminescence.  Deriving from the Latin word “opalus,” the opal means precious jewel.  One legend explaining the origin for this birthstone is that it fell from heaven in a flash of fiery lightning. The radiant opal gemstone is symbolic of faithfulness and confidence and will surely light up any occasion!

November- Citrine

Citrine derives from the old French word, “citrin”, meaning lemon.  This gemstone ranges in color from the lightest yellow to a dark amber. A gift of Citrine gemstone jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who is going thru tough times because it is symbolic for hope and strength.

December- Blue Topaz

Decembers Birthstone comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning heat.  Ancient civilizations thought the blue topaz had cooling properties.  They would throw it into a pot of water to boil and or cool hot temperatures. This gemstone has many healing powers. It is thought to have the ability to cure insanity, asthma, weak vision and insomnia. Giving the blue topaz as a gift symbolizes love and fidelity.

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