Ring Education : Types of Engagement Rings

Zeroing on the perfect engagement ring that symbolizes your love along with a commitment for life is not a cakewalk. An engagement ring should be an extension of one’s persona. So, here are a few trendy engagement ring styles...

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Explore the Trend of Bridal Jewelry

So, you are done with the most stressful part of your trousseau shopping and next on the list is your bridal jewelry and accessories. Now, you are trying to figure out what should you buy, ‘something classy or something...

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Diamond and Gold Engagement Rings Jewelry

Jewelry Shopping: Crucial Tips

In this article, we share everything you need to know when you’re out shopping for jewelry. Not only does this cover fine jewelry but it provides crucial tips on purchasing fashion jewelry as well. There is a variety of...

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Diamond Gold Anniversary Jewelry for Women Men

Antique Jewelry – Different Classes

Antique jewelry encompasses various designs. Every style is unique in itself and suitability varies accordingly. Some designs are well-suited to a work environment while others look out of place. In face of staggering...

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Fancy Colored Diamonds Jewelry

Colored diamonds are valued almost primarily for the intensity and distribution of their color. Learn about the factors that make fancy color diamonds so desirable. The following article by describes the quality factors for...

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Leslie Jewelry Store in Fort Lupton Colorado

What to Gift New Moms This Mother’s Day

Are you prepared to surprise the new mom this 8th of May? 8th of May is the second Sunday of May 2016 and is what’s known as Mother’s Day, in case you were wondering. One of the only days that’s dedicated to honoring what...

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Diamond Engagement Rings

How Long It Takes to Make Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered just how long it takes to make an engagement ring from scratch? Well, that depends on how simple or intricate the design is, of course. But here are some estimates in this article by Liz at Designers &...

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certified loose diamonds

Learn About Diamonds

Looking for Diamonds? When shopping for a diamond, it is important to know how they are evaluated. There are a variety of factors which affect the price of a diamond. Our comprehensive guide helps you understand the 4 C’s...

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