Low-clarity Diamonds and Fracture Filling: Controversial Enhancements

Fracture filling is a process to improve the clarity of low-quality diamonds by filling the fractures and inclusions with a specialized epoxy like refractive substances. These substances closely match the refractive index of diamonds and are hard to detect without expert intervention under technological assistance. Fracture-filled diamonds are disregarded in the industry and most diamond dealers refrain from having anything to do with them.

As a professional in the diamond industry, and even as a buyer, you should know all you can about fracture filling.

Here is a comprehensive guide to fracture-filled diamonds by William George Shuster from JCK.

What Store Managers Must Know About Fractured-Filled Diamonds

More than ever before, today’s jewelry store manager has to be a know-it-all. He or she must understand new technology and new retailing strategies in order to direct buying and selling, merchandising, repair, custom design, hiring and a dozen other tasks. Yet rarely does any single source offer information and guidance. This new JCK series is designed to help fill the gap.

The goal is to take a single development that affects every job in the store and offer guidance on what the staff needs to know to make it work. The first choice: fracture-filled diamonds. see here full post….

By now, you should be able to understand what fracture filling involves and entails. For more information, visit Preferred Jewelers International.

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