In Memoriam: Woody Justice of Justice Jewelers

I can’t believe what I am writing. Shock, dismay, sadness and a huge loss for all of us. When my parents decided to retire, when Joe Murphy was still president of C.D. Peacock, your CBG office ran with me, Thea and our sorely missed Gina. There was however one other person who helped in the transition and growth of Continental Buying Group…Woody Justice from Justice Jewelers. I can still hear that Texas accent booming on the other end of the phone, “Hello darlin’ what’s goin on at the Continental Buying Group today?” It was like Woody always knew when to pick up that phone and as he would say, “Give me a holler.” I was usually frazzled, pissed at a vendor or just being over the top Andie.

Woody Justice - Justice JewelersThe soothing words of  Woody would always calm me down: 1.) Take a deep breathe. 2.) It’s going to be alright. 3.) Andie, maybe you can phrase that a different way. 4.) Let’s look at this a different way. 5.) Remain calm, it will all work out. 6.) I’m here for you.

Wow, what a caring man. Not just to me but to this organization and every last one of you. Whether you got to know Woody or not he has made an impact on this group and the jewelry industry, especially for the independent jeweler. I think that was our most common bond. Our passion for the jewelry store owner/operator and how far we could push the envelope of success. Woody always thought outside the box. He was one of our first retailers to pick up and travel to Israel and then to India. He loved this industry. He loved to help and share his knowledge and would be the first to tell you his failures and well as his successes.

Woody was like an older brother to me. I loved Christmas when he would call and say, “Peg needs a Chanel bag, how much is this gonna cost me?” He would laugh, and I would give him my lady’s name at Chanel because there is no Chanel in Springfield, MO. He would bitch and moan about the price but if he didn’t he wouldn’t be Woody.

He was one of my biggest fans, he was one of my loudest cheerleaders and he was our President for over 4 years. I wouldn’t let him go. Now I guess we have to. Like they say, “the good die young.”I certainly will miss my consultant, my confidant, and my friend. Woody, I love you and I always will.  -Andie

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