Hot Springs, Arkansas offers Gemstones

Lauray’s Diamond Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas offers Gemstones, Black Diamond Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Bridal and engagement rings, pearls and much more.

In 2009 a heavy-duty pickup truck with a four-ton payload crashed into the support beam of Lauray’s Diamond Center sending their marquee signage to the ground. Instead of getting upset about their loss Mark Fleischer and his wife took it as an opportunity to be creative with their marketing. It was Fleischer who came up with the idea of putting a band-aid on the store. With the help of their marketing agency they were able to design a banner with a large band-aid on it that read “Obviously, people are drawn to our diamonds.” Before the accident the couple was already planning on restoring the building and upgrading the operations of their business. With podcast, contest and events Fleischer was able to creatively combine the latest technological tools with old-¬fashioned customer service and community outreach.

Gemstones Hot Spring Arkansas, Old Store Front-Laurays

A New Beginning

One of Fleischer close friends is a technological wiz and got him started in podcasting. With one of their staff members as their radio voice they have been able to do everything from how to buy jewelry, the history of the store, a profile on designer John Hardy and more.

Lauray’s Diamond center was able to create a new 80 facet signature diamond cut. His daughter and sales director came up with the idea of having a the month long  “Name our Diamond” contest. Two weeks into the contest they already had 30 name submissions and generating more fans on Facebook. The winner of the contest, Melissa Stroope, came up with the name “Lauradiant”. It perfectly that described the fire and brilliance of Lauray’s new diamond.
On the first Friday of every month Laurays host a new artist exhibition.

A few years back, they got involved in the Hot Springs Gallery Walk. Like every other showing they serve wine and hors d’oeures. They send out invitations for the event on Facebook, Twitter and post it their website. Even though they have sold jewelry at these events, it’s more about interacting with the people of their community.

Lauray’s the Diamond Center has a great selection of loose diamonds, semi mountings, black diamonds, pearls, and colored Gemstones in Hot Spring, AK. They have committed themselves to providing the highest quality of Jewelry and service to its customers.

Gemstones Hot Spring Arkansas New Store Front- Laurays

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