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Hot to Buy Engagement Rings in Portland Maine

If you’re in the market for engagement rings in Portland, Maine, you might consider choosing a semi mount engagement ring from G. M. Pollack and Sons.

They carry a large selction and specialize in Bridal.

A semi mount engagement ring is a “nearly finished” piece of jewelry, that offers you everything you want in your ring, except the center diamond. This is a wonderful way to purchase your engagement ring, and find the setting and band you want for less.

Moreover, a semi mount engagement ring takes much of the hassle out of finding your perfect ring style. You purchase everything at once, which means that your semi mount engagement ring only needs a central diamond to complete it. To finish your ring, you only need to find the diamond that you feel is right for you.

Reasons for Choosing G. M. Pollack and Sons and purchasing a Semi Mount Engagement Ring in Portland Maine.

G.M. Pollack and Sons was founded when Gerald and his wife, Perle, purchased their first jewelry store in Portland, Maine in 1955. A philosophy of offering quality jewelry at the best prices existed. After Gerald’s passing in 1999, son Stan took over as President and continued the tradition.

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