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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Alternatives: 3-Stone Rings

Most popular as anniversary rings, 3-stone rings feature three stones (as the name suggests) signifying past, present and future – a bond eternal.

A large center stone symbolizes the present and is embellished by a smaller stone on each side – one symbolizing the past and the other, future. Although there are no rules to suggest a larger center stone, it is the most common setting. However, some modern designs deviate from this tradition.

In such a ring design, all the three stones are the same size and more emphasis is put on the shank design which is more often than not inspiringly innovational.

Engagement Ring

In a traditional 3-stone ring, the three stones are carefully proportioned to maximize magnificence. You may also opt for gemstones other than diamonds – perhaps a birthstone or a valuable inheritance. However, diamonds remain the most popular choice. Cuts can range from square, Princess cut to round brilliant.

More and more people are choosing 3-stone engagement rings over solitaires, owing to their symbolic nature and glamorous designs. They also allow for more customization and personality which makes them brilliant alternatives to conventional styles.

One thing 3-stone rings are perfect for though are as alternatives for wedding bands. If you want to spice up the plain old tradition of flaunting plain old wedding bands, 3-stone rings are perfect choices. Signifying an eternal bond of love, caring and friendship, the ingredients of any perfect marriage, these are not just your run-of-the-mill, impulse-based alternatives. People who opt for 3-stone wedding rings actually do so after putting in some considerable thought into it.

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