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Elizabeth Taylor’s Record Breaking Auction

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend … but, for the late Elizabeth Taylor, Diamonds, pearls, emerald, sapphires and rubies were her best friends. The legendary actress passed away March 23, 2011 at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure.  Her legend lives on in her extensive collection of jewelry that she left behind.  Her prized jewels were sold at an auction by her preferred auctioneer Christie. Her collection sold for $115,932,000 setting a world record for the most valuable private collection of jewels sold at auction.

Even Kim Kardashian dropped $64,000 for three jade and diamond bracelets. “Elizabeth Taylor was an idol of mine, and I’m honored to now own something from her collection,” she told Us Weekly. “The Lorraine Schwartz jade bracelets are special because jade transfers energy, so I will cherish these bracelets with her energy in them for the rest of my life!”

Elizabeth Taylor's Record Breaking Auction

Here are the top five items with the highest bids.

1. The La Peregrina necklace, $11,842,500:

This necklace was designed by Cartier. This 16th century La Peregrina Pearl is used as the center piece for this necklace. This stunning pearl was once owned by several generations of royalty. The necklace also posses several diamonds, rubies and sixty more pearls. Richard Burton bought this necklace in 1969 for $37,000 as a Valentines gift for Elizabeth Taylor.


2. The Taj Mahal pendant, $8,818,500:

This pendant was once owned by the great emperor Shah Jahan. He built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife. The center of this stunning pendant is a heart-shaped cut diamond that is inscribed with the name Nur Jahan, the wife of the Mughal emporer. It is outlined by red stones, jade and diamonds and then mounted in gold. Taylor received this gift from Burton for her 40th birthday in 1972.


3. The Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring, 8,818,500:

The 33. Carat, D colored, potentially internally flawless diamond was set on a platinum ring and flanked by diamonds baguettes. Taylor wore this ring almost everyday. She received it on May, 16th 1968 from Burton who paid $305,000 for it.


4. A Bvlgari emerald and diamond brooch, $6,578,500:

This gorgeous brooch was an engagement gift from Burton. The rectangular-cut Emerald is mounted in platinum and surrounded with diamonds. Most likely purchased from one of the many trips Burton made to the Bulgari boutique on Via Condotti in Rome from 1962-1967.


5. A Bvlgari emerald and diamond necklace, $6,130,500:

In celebration of their marriage in 1964 Burton gave Taylor this amazing necklace. This necklace also came from one of his trips to the Bulgari boutique on Via Condotti in Rome. This necklace has 16 rectangular and squared cut emeralds linked together by cluster of diamonds making it the perfect wedding gift for a girl who loves her jewels.

A Bvlgari Emerald _And_Diamond_Necklace_Elizabeth_Taylor_Record_Breaking_Auction

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