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Nothing goes together like beer and salty snacks. This combination brought consumer icons Mr. “Natty” Boh and Sallie Utz (pronounced nuts) together for the Smyth Jewelers “Where Maryland Gets Engaged” campaign. Four years ago Smyth Jewelers and their campaign creator MGH Inc., made a billboard that had Mr. “Natty” Boh proposing to Sallie Utz. They did not expect all the media attention they were about to receive.

Diamond Wedding Bands in Baltimore, MD

Here’s a little history on the couple.

Mr. “Natty” Boh is a one-eyed, mustached cartoon icon that was created in 1934 by a local beer company called National Bohemian Beer. This company was bought out by Pasbt Brewing Co. It is served at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, making it the official beer of Baltimore in the late 1960’s.

In 1921 William and Sallie Untz started a at-home business called Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips.  The “little Untz girl” can be found on all Untz products and has become a popular icon. Today Utz Quality Foods has become Pennsylvania largest privately own snack food manufacturers.

Since the engagement in 2007, people started to ask the jewelers when the two icons will tie the knot. The people finally got their answer in May 2011. Symth Jewelers made a 30 second commercial showing how the two icons relationship started.

Here is the You Tube link to the commercial  Symth Jewelrs Mr. Boh and Sallie Untz Love Story

MGH then put together a memorable wedding for the icons. They dressed 2 actors up in costumes that resembled Mr. Boh and Sallie Untz.  The people that attendant the ceremony consist of locals, beer drinking fans, and salty snack adorers. The 2 minute matrimony had a flower girl that dropped chips instead of flowers and vows cleverly put together to associate how beer and salty snack go hand in hand. Gifts of snacks were handed out to the people who attened the wedding.

Here is the link to the You Tube video of the wedding Boh and Utz tie the Knot

The wedding brought the jewelers a lot of regional and social media attention. It also turned out to be the perfect kickoff / promotional party for their Diamond Dash.

Today Symth Jewelers continues to use their engagement billboard of Mr. Boh and Sallie Untz (even though they got married) for their “Where Maryland Gets Married” campaign. It has brought them more media coverage and market reaction then they expected.

If your shopping for Diamond Wedding Bands in Balitimore, MD make Symth Jewelers is your first stop. Mr. Boh trusted them to have the perfect ring and you should too.

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