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Our Goal is to Make You Smile!

Diamond Jewelry in Boise, Idaho is Lee Read’s Jewelers specialty.  Hundreds of thousands of Idahoans have experienced the exhilaration of giving the one they love a small, beautifully wrapped box sealed with the Lee Read TM Gold Seal.  For over 20 years, Lee Read Jewelers has been taking photos of newly engaged couples and posting them on their “Lee Read’s Smile” Board. What use to be just a board full of pictures, is now three 550 square foot diamond-shape light boxes.

Boise, Idaho Diamond Jewelry - Lee Read

Being so close to I-84, 80,000 motorist pass by on a daily bases. Making these light boxes a major campaign for Lee Read Jewelers.  All they use is a simple 6 mega-pixel digital camera and their beautiful aquarium as the background. Then the best picture is selected and printed on a 550 square foot piece of film and place on the light boxes. Three times a year a new couples picture is displayed on the diamond shaped boxes for their 15 minutes of fame. When the film is taken down the couple is asked if they would like to keep it. One couple hung their picture up in their garage.

This isn’t the only way Lee Read Jewelers displays their happy newly engaged couple’s. These couples can be found everywhere. They have even dedicated a web page to them on their homepage called “Lee Read’s Smiles”. The pictures also make it on TV and newspaper ads.

Lee Read’s is one of the largest jewelry stores with a huge sections of certified loose diamonds, diamond engagement ring mountings, repair, Custom Design Center, and Diamond Jewelry in Boise, ID.  At Lee Read’s Jewelers they don’t only specialize jewelry, they also specialize in making you smile.

Diamond Jewelry in Boise, ID- Lee Read

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