Diamond Engagement Rings: A Love That’s Here To Stay

Before you start buying diamond engagement rings for your significant one, a brief understanding is necessary. These hardest known substances on the planet are about 2 to 3 billion years old and have 99.95% pure crystals. Apart from its extreme brilliance, rarity, sparkle and hardness, the legacy of putting diamond rings on the ring finger of your ladylove contributes to its aura even more.

The principle of 4 C’s

The four inevitable C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat are the four major pillars when you are about to buy any kind of diamond wedding rings or other diamond jewelry. Here are a couple of things to watch for in all aspects:

  • Cut: The cut of diamond is not determined naturally and this cut plays an extremely important role in its brilliance and price. The cuts are generally 57 or 58 facets and are generally angled at sites to redirect the light for reflection. Thus too deeper or too shallow cut determines the glow. Thus always choose leading sellers who follow precision cutting techniques for your diamond cuts.
  • Color: The stronger and more distinct the color of diamond the rarer it is. The most expensive form of diamond is colorless however when it’s diamond bridal ring for couples you are buying for your significant other, a little over expense can be mark of crafting your love forever.
  • Clarity: To measure the clarity of diamond, most of the sellers use popular grades, amongst which three are quite popular. So with any of the three grades on stones offered by leading sellers, you should be okay.
  • Carat: Generally carat is regarded as the unit of weight for diamond. Most of the leading sellers have detailed charts for all unit conversions. And generally the engagement rings for women come around one to one and half carats.

Bridal Ring

The Choice for Eternal Love

Diamonds stand for purity, hardness and brilliance. So this season buy engagement rings for men and women from leading sellers and gift your significant other the gift of love forever.

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Summing Up

If you are planning to propose the lady of your life recently, then some research over diamond ring is necessary. The fit, perfection and precision, its design and most importantly the knowledge of different varieties of diamonds available in the market sums up for the perfect engagement ring in United States. To help you out here’s a brief little guide.

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