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Diamond Empowerment Funds

Thursday January 5th, 2012 at the top of the Empire Hotel in Manhattan, Andie and Joe attended the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s event. There they held their first award show called, “The Good Awards.”


President of DEF and CEO of Mercury Ring Corp, Phyllis Bergman, kicked off the event with a short video. The video explained the purpose of D.E.F. and honored the award winners. Honorees of the event included Varda Shine the Managing Director of Diamond Trading Co., Ivanka Trump of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, Rio Tinto and Rebecca Foerster the manager of its U.S. representative office, and Sterling Jewelers and its Senior Vice President of Merchandising Ed Hrabak.


From Left to Right: Ed Hrabak , Rebecca Foerster, Ivanka Trump, Phyllis Bergman, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry CEO Andrea Hansen and Dr. Ben Chavis, DEF’s senior strategic advisor

D.E.F.’s Mission

Founded in 2007, The Diamond Empowerment Fund™  is a non-profit international organization with the mission to raise money to support education initiatives that develop and empower economically disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

Established by individuals and businesses in the diamond and jewelry industries and others who are committed to the empowerment of Africa, we believe education is one of the most critical elements that powers society and empowers individuals to realize their full human potential. D.E.F. endeavors to partner with African education organizations that have a proven methodology for helping young people achieve success through self-determination, focus, and opportunity.

Their Vision – Helping Africans Help Africa

The Diamond Empowerment Fund envisions a future when poverty in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource is dramatically reduced through successful fund raising initiatives by the diamond jewelry industry to support projects that educate and empower Africans locally. D.E.F. envisions an effort involving the following:

  • Diamond jewelry industry supporting D.E.F. through the sale of their products with donations to the Fund;
  • People donating to the Fund and also choosing to purchase diamond jewelry products that support D.E.F’s mission;
  • African individuals, educational and service organizations, and government entities addressing poverty and education in keeping with D.E.F’s mission.

The “Green Bracelet”

D.E.F.’s offers a few ways to donate and support their mission.  One way to help their cause would be to purchase the “Green Bracelet”. A percentage of the profit supports D.E.F.

"Green Bracelet"-DEF-Simmons Jewelry Co. The “Green Bracelet” is the symbol of the Diamond Empowerment Fund. The rough diamond and malachite Green Bracelet was created by Simmons Jewelry Co. to help support educational initiatives that develop and empower people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

Green has long been associated with the continent of Africa and its rich natural resources. For example, Green is one of the three colors of Pan- Africanism represented in the flags of several countries.

For Simmons Jewelry Company, Green provides inspiration and reminds everyone of Africa’s most important natural resource, the human being.

You can find out how to  purchase the ” Green Bracelet” and support D.E.F’s mission by clicking on this link:

"Green Bracelet"-DEF-Simmons Jewelry Co.

To learn more on how you can help DEF and support the economically disadvantaged people of Africa please go to

Source: Diamond Empowerment Funds “Mission and Vision Statement” January 11,2012

Source: Diamond Empowerment Funds “Green Bracelet” January 11,2012

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