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Custom Designs Jewelry in Traverse City, Michigan

Miner’s North Jeweler’s in Traverse City, Michigan, offers Custom Jewelry designs, name brand jewelry, appraisals, watch and jewelry repair, and complimentary beverages while you shop as well as a play area for your children.

Keeping up with technology

Wayne Guntzviller with his wife and business partner, Beth, Guntzviller of Miner’s North Jeweler’s had made their store a QR superstore. With a simple scan of their smart phones these Quick Response codes have been placed throughout the store, enabling them to greet their customers and educated them virtually. During the summer, tourist and out of towners fill the streets of Traverse City, Michigan increasing the population from 15,000 people to almost 2 million. By placing QR codes in the exterior windows of the store and on all the displays inside the store Miner’s North Jeweler’s can now connect with existing and potential customers.

QR codes help Wayne Guntzviller advance his businesses social media websites and grow their online presence. Since mobile technology has become a second nature to younger generations, QR codes makes Miner’s North Jeweler’s more accessible to them. Having product specific QR codes all over the store gives their customers a new in store and jewelry buying experience. Miner’s North Jeweler’s uses QR codes to function as a sales tool and greet their customers in a high tech way.

When a customer scans the QR code placed in the exterior window they will be sent to a specific website that has a video of someone from the store saying “You just scanned me, why don’t you come in and check us out.” When the customer enters the store they will find QR codes placed on all of the displays. During busy season when the store gets packed these codes come in handy by helping the customer learn about the brands and by helping sales associates shorten their presentation.

For a shopping experience you won’t forget go Miner’s North Jewelers. Where they have phenomenal service, brand name designers, one-of-a-kind Custom Jewelry in Traverse City, MI.

Custom Design Jewelry- North Miner's Jeweler's

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