Certified Loose Diamonds

Certified Loose Diamonds in Beaumont, Texas

In Beaumont, Texas, Diamonds have a new meaning. Brian Alter of Alter’s Gem Jewelry wants people to bring out the diamond jewelry that they already own and start wearing them with more casual clothes. To make this possible Alter started the  “Diamonds and Flip Flops” photo contest.

Making Diamonds Causal

Brian Alter got tired of hearing his customers say, “We don’t dress up anymore. I have no place to wear it.” Alter then decided to encourage people to wear the diamond jewelry they already own more often.  This was the start of the “Diamonds and Flip Flops” spring contest. Alter wants people to take their jewelry out of boxes and start wearing them more often.

The only thing potential contestants had to do was go on to his Facebook page, Alters Gem Jewelry, and become a friend. Then submit a photo of themselves wearing diamond jewelry with flip flops. Submitting the photo gave the contestants a chance to win a diamond and sterling silver sandal pendant with a sterling silver chain.

Diamonds in Beaumont, TX

The contest turned out to be a great summer campaign for the store.  In 3 months Alter grew his “like” number on Facebook by 850. Currently he has 1,325 Facebook fans. His goal is to hit 1,500 FB fans by the end of the summer and 2,000 by the end of the year.

Fifty people posted photos of themselves on Alters Gem Jewelry FB page and 10 contestants won. This lead to a win – win situation because now people can appreciate their diamonds more or bring in the old diamonds and trade them in for a new piece. The contest has also made people fall in love with the diamond sandal pendant. Now Alters Gem Jewelry in Beaumont, TX, Diamond sandal pendants have been put a high demand. Alter has a load of them on rain check.

Diamonds in Beaumont, Texas

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