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Offering quality Engagement Rings in Brockton, MA, Massachusetts. Romm Diamonds provides Certified Loose Diamonds, Diamond Rings, Bridal Jewelry, Wedding & Anniversary Bands and Designer Jewelry. They also offer Custom Jewelry Design and Watches.

Like many people in Boston, the Romm family can trace its family’s roots back several centuries. Unlike most of those families, however, they don’t only know who they are related to, but what those relatives were doing. As far back as 1700, the Romm family was involved in the jewelry business in Europe. Naturally, it made perfect sense for the family to continue in the business when they moved to America, and that is exactly what Alexander Romm did in 1900 when he opened Romm Diamonds, South Boston’s number one destination for anyone who is looking for the absolute finest in certified diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

There are very few businesses that thrive as a family industry the way that fine jewelry businesses do, and Romm Diamonds is a perfect example of how passion for jewelry, the desire to help people with the important decisions in their lives, and the commitment to the community is something that is definitely passed down. For 114 years, it has been the Romm family running the business, offering the finest in diamond rings and diamond necklaces while also featuring the finest in men’s jewelry, as well as the latest designer watches from the most prestigious European watch manufacturers.

Providing the finest jewelry is only part of what has made them the area’s leader for all this time, however. They understand that jewelry is something you buy for a lifetime, and in that lifetime things can happen. Jewelry gets dropped, bodies change size, batteries run out and these are all things they can take care of for you. Their expert staff is trained and certified to resize wedding bands, remount precious stones and replace old batteries, regardless if the jewelry was bought from them originally or not.

There are certainly many other jewelry stores you can choose from when you are shopping for anything from loose diamonds to complete wedding sets. The questions you need to stop and ask yourself are, how long they have been doing this, and do they have the passion for it? When you answer those questions, you will find yourself on the front step at 1280 Belmont Street, the home of Romm Diamonds.