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Rasmussen Diamonds offer an extraordinary collection of the finest Diamond Engagement Rings, Certified Loose Diamonds, Wedding Bands and Anniversary Rings at their well known Jewelry Store located in Racine, WI, Wisconsin. They c unique collection of bridal jewelry at your nearest location and we have been serving you over a decade.

It says something about the importance of a business that has been around since the turn of the century. Not the turn of this current century, but the one before it. Rasmussen Diamonds was founded in the year 1900. Having always been located in Racine, Wisconsin, they have grown right along with the city and now stand as the industry leader for all other jewelry stores in the area to follow.

In a business that deals with such timeless artifacts as diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry, many customers look for a business that has solid roots and a foundation they can trust. Likewise, when it comes to making such an important purchase, one that just doesn’t carry the financial weight, but also has a heavy emotional component as well, they want to know they are dealing with someone whom they can trust to have the knowledge to answer all of their questions, and the ability and desire to give them a fair deal for the finest quality jewelry. Rasmussen Diamonds is exactly that place.

In the 114 years that they have been an integral part of the jewelry business in Racine, there have only been two families that have owned the business! Originally founded as Rasmussen Jewelry at 910 State Street by R.P. Rasmussen, the business stayed in the family for 77 years when son Frank sold it to Cal and Marilyn Sustachek. Part of the purchase included the original display case and woodwork that had opened the first store and moved to the new location in 1968.

Under the watchful stewardship of Cal and Marilyn, and later their son William and his wife Kathleen, the business continued to grow in a new direction, a change made permanent in 1994 when the name was changed to Rasmussen Diamonds, featuring loose diamonds and wedding bands as well as diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond rings. Today, the business is now in the third generation, having been bought by Joel Hassler, the grandson-in-law to Cal and Marilyn, and has a new location at 6220 Washington Avenue. But don’t worry. Being sentimental of course they brought the original display case and woodwork with them. More "Experiences that last a Lifetime™"