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Lee Read Jewelers situated at Meridian, Idaho, offers Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Certified Loose Diamonds, Anniversary Rings and Bridal Jewelry products at Jewelry Stores near Meridian ID and Boise ID with valuable price. We believe in selling gorgeous diamonds for phenomenal values.

Lee Read Jewelers is the premier jewelry store in Meridian, Idaho. Not only have they worked hard over the years to make sure their customers were always happy before and after the sale, but they are also known for having the finest selection of loose diamonds in the area too.

Maxine and Lee Read first founded the store together in 1963. Since then, the store has grown from a 500 square foot display to a 10,000 square foot superstore located in the center of Treasure Valley. Since Lee Read Jewelers is known for their vast diamond selection, people often call their superstore the Diamond Dream Store. The store has since been passed down to Larry and Nelda Read, who employ three sisters to run the daily operations: Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel Read. With all of their efforts put forth, it is easy to understand why Lee Read Jewelers has enjoyed such a successful journey since 1963.

Their state-of-the-art facility includes a 1200 gallon aquarium, kids room, a full service jewelry center and repair center and the only American Gem Society Gem Laboratory in all of Idaho. This allows them to be able to entertain your children and husbands while the wives shop for something special. Whether you are searching for wedding bands under $100 or want to spend your life's savings here, you will always be treated with the same respect and service as the person standing next to you. Lee Read had a vision of providing for the people of this community, and his posterity carries on that legacy in which he would be very proud. This family owned and operated business is the perfect example of how determination, talent, honesty and hard work get you exactly where you need to be in life.

Lee Read Jewelers not only has the largest selection certified diamonds in all of Idaho, they also have a vast selection of diamond engagement rings for every single style or taste. No matter what you find attractive in your diamond jewelry, you will certainly find something in their countless display cases that you will want to enjoy forever. The goal of Lee Read Jewelers is to have you like them more after you purchase your item than before. They want to keep you satisfied for the long haul and that is why they stand behind their company so confidently.