GIA Certified Loose Diamonds in Weatherford, OK

If you’re looking for Certified Loose Diamonds in Weatherford, OK, Kelley Jewelers is the place to go. What makes Kelly Jewelers unique is that they produce their own brand of diamond jewelry with the meticulous standards. In a world where even the most prestigious designer jewelry is now made in China, Kelly Jeweler’s brand is proudly produced in the U.S.A.

Certified Loose Diamonds Weatherford, OK

The Family Business

The granddaughter of F.L. Kelly, founder of Kelly’s Jewelers, is now the third generation of Kelly family to sit at the helm of a business that has become an integral part of the Weatherford, Oklahoma community. Kristin successfully ties past family traditions with savvy business acumen to give the Kelly customers a good reason to come back. In fact, they come from more than 100 miles away just to own a Kelly piece.

Kelly bought the business from her father and brought with her a passion all her own. With a passion for marketing and sales, Kristen is dedicated to empowering the lives of her all female sales staff. The ladies are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but they are beautiful as well, which keeps everybody in the small town of Weatherford talking. Kristen has a passion to train and empower them to be the best they can be, which according to Kristen is pretty darn good.

Today, under the leadership of Kristin Kelley, President and CEO and Kim Ingram, Vice President and CFO, Kelley Jewelers carries on the legacy by continuing to buy gold and Loose Diamonds directly from the source, and contracting labor in the United States. This allows control of both the quality and the cost. It is the secret to Kelley’s success, offering whiter, brighter diamond jewelry at a more affordable price.

Kristen has sold 20% of her business to Kim Ingram who will be taking over when she retires in 5 years and until then she’ll continue to provide exceptional quality and value to her customers.

Certified Loose Diamonds- Kelly Jewelry

Kim Ingram and Kristin Kelly

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