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Engagement Rings and Wedding Band Alternatives: 3-Stone Rings

Most popular as anniversary rings, 3-stone rings feature three stones (as the name suggests) signifying past, present and future – a bond eternal.

A large center stone symbolizes the present and is embellished by a smaller stone on each side – one symbolizing the past and the other, future. Although there are no rules to suggest a larger center stone, it is the most common setting. However, some modern designs deviate from this tradition.

In such a ring design, all the three stones are the same size and more emphasis is put on the shank design which is more often than not inspiringly innovational.

Engagement Ring

In a traditional 3-stone ring, the three stones are carefully proportioned to maximize magnificence. You may also opt for gemstones other than diamonds – perhaps a birthstone or a valuable inheritance. However, diamonds remain the most popular choice. Cuts can range from square, Princess cut to round brilliant.

More and more people are choosing 3-stone engagement rings over solitaires, owing to their symbolic nature and glamorous designs. They also allow for more customization and personality which makes them brilliant alternatives to conventional styles.

One thing 3-stone rings are perfect for though are as alternatives for wedding bands. If you want to spice up the plain old tradition of flaunting plain old wedding bands, 3-stone rings are perfect choices. Signifying an eternal bond of love, caring and friendship, the ingredients of any perfect marriage, these are not just your run-of-the-mill, impulse-based alternatives. People who opt for 3-stone wedding rings actually do so after putting in some considerable thought into it.

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Fancy Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are valued almost primarily for the intensity and distribution of their color. Learn about the factors that make fancy color diamonds so desirable.


The following article by describes the quality factors for fancy colored Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamond Quality Factors




In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are the rarest. With fancy color diamonds—the ones outside the normal color range—the rarest and most valuable colors are saturated pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even very slight color differences can have a big impact on value.

Compared to fancy yellows and browns, diamonds with a noticeable hint of any other hue are considerably more rare. Even in light tones and weak saturation, as long as they show color in the face-up position, they qualify as fancy colors. Red, green, and blue diamonds with medium to dark tones and moderate saturation are extremely rare. See full post here

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This is How Long It Takes to Make Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered just how long it takes to make an engagement ring from scratch? Well, that depends on how simple or intricate the design is, of course. But here are some estimates in this article by Liz at Designers & Diamonds.


How Long, How Long Does it Take to Make an Engagement Ring

Do we all have Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in our head now? Excellent, let’s proceed.

When it’s time to start ring shopping, most lovebirds are blissfully unaware of the wait times between saying “I’ll take it!” and actually getting the rock in your possession. But even if you aren’t making a custom ring from scratch, you’re still likely to wait a few days until the ring is ready.


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So, lest you make the mistake of waking up this Saturday, deciding “Tonight’s the night!” then having your dreams crushed by your jeweler, let’s take a quick look at the typical wait times for a few different types of engagement rings. Click for full post…….


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Choosing the Perfect Ring: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Rings are beautiful – round metal bands with gems set on them, really.  But at the right moment and with the right sentiment, a ring can be the most beautiful thing to have ever existed.

The circular form has long been associated with eternity. This could be one of the reasons why our forefathers gave their loved one rings to symbolize an eternal union. A man proposes to the love of his life with an engagement ring, and couples symbolize their maudlin matrimony with wedding bands.

A wedding anniversary is a celebration of years of love, trust and commitment. The hard part, sometimes, is choosing the right gift. One thing you can never go wrong with is the anniversary ring. Anniversary rings are a perfect way to celebrate undying commitment and an eternal union.

Whether buying an engagement ring, a wedding band or an anniversary ring, here is what you need to know before making the final choice.

The fundamental part of a ring design is the manner in which the stones are set upon the band. This is referred to as the setting of the ring.


Diamond Rings

Prong setting

This is the most common type of setting. The stone is held by prongs (usually 3 or 4) which cover small portions of the stone. The metal projections hold the stone in place. Due to its scarce use of metals, the prong setting is extremely popular for showing off the stone to its best benefit.

Bezel setting

One of the most stable settings, the bezel is also one of the oldest ways to hold a stone in place. The stone is wrapped around the edges with a thin strip of metal. A common complaint is that a bezel covers too much of a stone’s surface.

Channel setting

The stones are set within a ‘channel’ carved into the surface of the ring. The widest points (or girdles) of the stones are set within parallel grooves inside the channel. Supported by the edges of the shoulders of the ring, the stones appear to be ‘floating’ in the channel setting. This setting is closely related to the bar and pavé setting as each features a number of stones set together in a streamlined fashion.

Bar setting

Stones are set along the surface of the ring, separated by bars between each of the, such that two sides of each stone are covered by the bars while two sides remain open. The stones are usually set at or below the level of the bars to make them more secure. The advantage of this setting is that it allows for a brilliant sparkle.

Pavé setting

Pavé is an arrangement of multiple stones so that it may seem like a single, larger piece. Small metal prongs are used to hold the stones very close together to enhance the brilliance of the final piece. This is one of the most popular and glamorous settings.

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Common Myths About Buying Engagement Rings

Ready to buy an engagement ring? There there are several factors at play when it comes to choosing the perfect ring. Here are the most common myths for buying engagement rings that we’ve heard.

In the following article by Jim Greene, he explains in detail top 10 myths associated with buying a diamond engagement ring and set the record straight for ring shoppers.

Verragio Insignia INS-7001 product image


Top 10 Myths About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a big step for many men. However, some of the myths which are out there today about these ring purchases make men tread lightly when purchasing an engagement ring as they are concerned about going about it in the right manner. The following will list the top 10 myths associated with buying a diamond engagement ring and set the record straight for ring shoppers.

You Must Spend 2 Month’s Salary on a Diamond Engagement Ring

This is an often quoted sentiment which is, in fact, a myth. There is no set rule which states how much you must spend on a diamond engagement ring. Therefore, you can spend more or less than 2 month’s salary depending on what you can afford and what you wish to spend. See full post here:

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So, when you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring, don’t let these myths, take the process one step at a time and everything will fall into place

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The Beauty of Rose Gold Jewelry

If you have been shopping anywhere that sells jewelry, you’ve noticed a new metal color popping out at,  you the reason for this “pinkish” color is due to the presence of copper that was mixed in with the yellow gold; hence rose gold is not a pure form of gold but an alloy. It’s referred to as rose gold because of the pinkish color of the metal.

Rose gold jewelry adds a subtle touch of color to your wardrobe. Let a rose gold jewelry add that extra sparkle you’ve been looking for and add extra spark to your statement.

Rose gold can be worn with any color or style of clothing. It especially looks great paired with soft pastels and neutral color themes and for all the fashionistas out there, rose gold is a dream come true and it looks beautiful stacked or layered alongside other pieces of jewelry.

In the following article by , you will get a complete information about Rose Gold Jewelry and why Rose gold jewelry stands out among the rest and thus, is becoming more popular with each passing day.


Rose gold jewelry has made some notable appearances throughout history, and first was during the nineteenth century in Russia, when the unfamiliar combination of copper and yellow gold was introduced. At the time it was commonly referred to as ‘Russian gold’, due to its popularity and fashion appeal amongst Russians.

Rose gold jewelry was seen again during the Mid-Victorian Era, when everyone wanted their own pink-hued jewelry. Pink was seen as the color of romance, and so a rosy blush to jewelry was the style of choice during this period of time.

However, the most recognized time period of rose gold’s popularity was in the late 1920s, when renowned French jeweler, Cartier released a signature piece of jewelry called the Trinity Band. This ring was made up of three entwined smaller bands: one rose, one white and one yellow gold band linked together. See full post here:

So, Rose gold makes the perfect gift. With a rosy pink-red hue, plus stylish diamond or gemstone accents, you’ll be sure to take her breath away this February 14th!

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