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5 Things to Recall For Engagement Ring Insurance

Engagement is the biggest event of the couples’ life and deserves to be special. Every couple dreams of to make this day more special. To achieve this they drag their feet to find the most beautiful engagement ring that adds a vibe of love and emotion to their celebration. But remember one thing that great and beautiful ring comes great responsibility. Yes! The responsibility of keeping your ring safe.

Say if you lost your ring somewhere, get damaged or if someone steals, it is Ring Insurance that cannot only provide you with financial protection but also ensures you with peace of mind in such situation.

In today’s blog, we will enlighten you with the top 5 things to look back for insuring your engagement ring or wedding band. Read these 5 points to learn the way to insure your ring:

  1. Choose Extra Cover

When it comes to insuring your jewelry or engagement ring, it is important for you to choose right coverage policy. Simply put, coverage policy refers to the range of amount you can claim for your belongings that were damaged or stolen. Different coverage policy is available, but choose the best that offers you with adequate cover. 

  1. Pricing Concept of Engagement Ring Insurance

The price of coverage policy is based on various factors including:

  • Value of your Ring
  • Place you reside
  • Theft Rates in your area

Along with these below factors, another important factor is coverage. Usually, coverage can cost around 1% to 2% of the jewelry’s value.

  1. Get The Certification or Grading Report

When you buy the diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry, one thing you should focus on is a Certification of your diamond jewelry. Ask your jeweler to provide you with certification, other government documents or grading report. This certification and grading report help you to evaluate the quality (Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color)of your diamond.

  1. Ask for Laser Inscription

Simply put, Laser Inscription refers to a combination of letters and numbers inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. This process will serve you with the unique ID that can give you the complete assurance of your diamond and protect yourself from any kind of fraud.

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle 

The lifestyle of the wearer is another important thing you should consider while selecting your engagement ring insurance policy. Consider what kind of lifestyle you are living. Say, if you are working and has to travel a lot around the world, then you should opt for the insurance policy that extends worldwide.

Ensuring your circle of trust may sound you strange and unromantic, but it is the most important consideration to be pondered while buying engagement or wedding ring.

Marc Robinson Jewelers, certified jewelers of Preferred Jewelers International offers high-end Jewelry Appraisal and Insurance services that can ensure you with complete protection of your Engagement Ring.

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