Occasions Fine Jewelry is located in Midland, Texas (TX) and offers Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Bands, Bridal Jewelry, Certified Loose Diamonds and many more jewelry products at amazingly affordable prices.

Shopping for diamond engagement rings can sometimes feel like a dream come true. That is only one of the reasons why you need to do your shopping at Occasions Fine Jewelry of Midland, Texas. The store itself, the finest independent jeweler in the entire Midland/Odessa region, is the fruition of a dream come true for hometown resident Mike Fleck.

A perfect example of how sometimes the greatest things have the most humble beginnings, Mike started his business as a one man operation behind a counter at his uncle’s drug store. His passion for jewelry, his eye for finding the perfect loose diamonds to work with and his stunning (and ever growing) collection of diamond necklaces and diamond earrings helped his business grow in such a hurry that soon it outgrew that singular counter top. As they like to say, the locations may have changed but the passion for fine jewelry and helping people make their dreams come true has never waned.

What really sets Occasions Fine Jewelry apart from the other jewelry stores in the area is the total commitment to the customer experience. Mike and his wife Cathy (his first full-time employee, hired once the business was soon successful enough for her to “retire” from her day job) want each and every customer to feel as if the store was opened just for them. Instead of creating a sterile atmosphere with glaring white walls and endless stainless steel, they have created a warm and inviting space, allowing customers to relax in a comfortable leather chair, enjoy a complimentary beverage like a cappuccino, and to just take a moment to de-stress.

“Buying jewelry of any kind can be an overwhelming experience,” Mike says, himself now “retired” from the store but still there most days just to say hi to his customers and help around the store. “It doesn’t matter if you are looking for wedding bands for your marriage or certified diamonds for an investment, every jewelry purchase is a big deal. That is why I make sure that everyone who works at Occasions Fine Jewelry understands that the most important aspect of their job is making every customer feel like they are special.”