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  • Dear Katie,

    Thank you for making my buying experience a memorable one. I was certainly charmed by your beautiful location and delighted by the finest products I was able to see. Finding the Wedding Band was not easy task, but you made it possible. Knowing that Amidon Jewelers was a Preferred Jeweler gave me the confidence that I needed for this unforgettable occasion.

    Lena Hanson
    Hanover, New Hampshire
  • Dear Ronda,

    As I read the philosophy of Preferred Jewelers International™ I was led to your place. I would like to share with you my expectations were indeed surpassed. Your customer service, quality and attention took me on a tour to heaven. I was able to find the perfect diamond. The one that will win the heart of the woman I love. To you and your team, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your time and patience in this journey.
    Thank you

    Jack Stevens
    Peoria, Illinois
  • Hi David,

    I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that You and your team made my search for the perfect Engagement ring a truly enjoyable experience. I am so glad you are a member of Preferred Jewelers as I was a little worried about my Fiance and I moving to Idaho and not being able to have my ring checked on a regular basis. Thank you for a wonderful experience and the peace of mind you gave us.

    Sheryl Jameson
    Fairfield CT.
  • Dear Kim,

    I have been looking for a diamond engagement ring for sometime now. I did my research and found that buying from the internet is not very trustworthy, so I decided to scout for local jewelers. From a friend’s recommendation, I went to the Preferred Jeweler in my town. WOW! It was the most comfortable and trusting experience one can have for diamond shopping. The ring and the diamond were perfect and in my budget. Those of you buying diamonds on the internet are wrong! Buy locally! He even said "you marry the girl, I marry the ring.” No other jeweler in town is that honest and trusting.  

    Jerry Levine
    Weatherford, OK
  • Dear Gene,

    I stopped in many of the jewelers in town before finding the local Preferred Jeweler and I knew immediately that this was the place I was looking for. You guys did a great job of walking me through the process of finding the perfect ring. With the free warranty that was given to me with my ring, we both feel safe in traveling and don’t have to worry if something might damage it. We can always stop in the nearest Preferred Jeweler for a quick cleaning or rely on them to make a repair. 

    Arthur Williams
    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Dear Brian,
    Great experience. Start to finish. It was my first time to visit your store and I have to say, the store manager and the salesman were both very helpful in finding what I was looking for. I fell in love with the first ring I tried on. I was able to upgrade to a better quality diamond than the first one I was shown and still stayed within our budget. It was a terrific experience and I will recommend you to all my friends as The Preferred Jeweler in town. Thank all of you for your help, I truly love my ring.

    Cathy Schmidt
    Beaumont, TX
  • Dear Dean,

    I just moved to town and a small diamond fell out of my wife’s wedding band last week. I didn’t know what to do. I was away from the store where I purchased the ring and in a new town. Thankfully, I stumbled upon your store and you were a Preferred Jeweler. You replaced the diamond and cleaned my wife’s ring. It looked brand new! As long as I live here, you are my jeweler.

    Josh Klein
    Eden Prairie, MN