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Denney Jewelers situated at Springfield IL, offers variety of jewelry products including Diamond Engagement Rings, Certified Loose Diamonds, Wedding Bands, Bridal Jewelry and Fine jewelry for everyone in your family. Denney Jewelers also offers custom design jewelry, jewelry repair, cash for gold and refurbishing services at their beautiful  jewelry Store in Springfield, IL, Illinois.

The story of Denney Jewelers is certainly one of perseverance, dedication and skill. Ray Denney was a certified master watch maker and master jeweler for over 40 years. Word quickly spread of his skills and as a result, he landed several different jobs in jewelry stores all over Illinois. He ended up staying at Crawford's Jewelers in 1954. In 1963, after working there not quite a decade, Ray Denney took ownership of the store. His self-taught skills and understanding of intricate spring coils and watch making made his store the premier watchmaking destination in all of Illinois. His excellent watchmaking skills eventually turned into designing all kinds of jewelry. He would draw sketches of diamond engagement rings and other bridal jewelry to create a special masterpiece for each customer who sought his design skills. When Ray retired in 1992, these intricate design skills turned into woodworking and painting, although he was still sometimes called into the store to attempt the impossible design…but nothing was impossible for Ray.

In 1971, the business was booming and Ray had succeeded in earning the trust of his customers. He brought in his wife to help him out with the business. Merely five years later in 1976, their son Shane joined the family business as well. Shane went on to study gems and become a graduate gemologist in 1980. This same year, Crawford's Jewelers was elected for membership into the American Gem Society. Specializing in loose diamonds and other fine jewelry, in 1984 the store was ready to move into a bigger location. After 30 years in business, Ray decided it was time to rename the store Denney Jewelers to reflect the family affair it had morphed into. 1992 marked the year of Ray and his wife's retirement from the jewelry business. Although their services would be missed, their sons continued on the family jewelry store and relocated yet again to an even bigger location to better accommodate their growing clientele.

Denney Jewelers continues to grow every single year and new family members continue to join the business providing fresh looks and new styles. From designer wedding bands to family heirlooms and diamond necklaces, this company has defeated all odds and remained successful and well respected in the community. Just ask anyone in the area about Denney Jewelers and not only will they know of the company, but they will likely have a pleasant and amazing story to go along with it.