This is How Long It Takes to Make Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered just how long it takes to make an engagement ring from scratch? Well, that depends on how simple or intricate the design is, of course. But here are some estimates in this article by Liz at Designers & Diamonds.


How Long, How Long Does it Take to Make an Engagement Ring

Do we all have Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in our head now? Excellent, let’s proceed.

When it’s time to start ring shopping, most lovebirds are blissfully unaware of the wait times between saying “I’ll take it!” and actually getting the rock in your possession. But even if you aren’t making a custom ring from scratch, you’re still likely to wait a few days until the ring is ready.


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So, lest you make the mistake of waking up this Saturday, deciding “Tonight’s the night!” then having your dreams crushed by your jeweler, let’s take a quick look at the typical wait times for a few different types of engagement rings. Click for full post…….


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Learn About Diamonds

Looking for Diamonds? When shopping for a diamond, it is important to know how they are evaluated. There are a variety of factors which affect the price of a diamond. Our comprehensive guide helps you understand the 4 C’s of diamonds (carat, color, clarity, cut) – and more – to ensure the maximum quality and value of your Diamond selection.

In the following article by Blue Nile Guide is designed to give you the tools and information you need to properly evaluate diamond quality and value with confidence.



For most people, buying a diamond is a new experience, but that doesn’t mean it should be overwhelming. Understanding a diamond’s quality characteristics is straightforward and simple.

Blue Nile’s diamond education is designed to answer all your questions. It explains a diamond’s characteristics, how those characteristics influence appearance, and which are more important than others. In just a few minutes you’ll know everything you need to know to find your perfect diamond. See full post here.

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The Complete Guide to Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring – Symbol of love and a token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level.

Getting engaged is one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring to symbolize your love together. An engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases of your life.  We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you purchase an engagement ring that your girlfriend will flip over.


In the following article by Blue Nile explains in detail the steps to follow before buying the engagement ring for your love.


Thousands of couples around the world have trusted us with their most important moments. With the largest selection of diamonds and meticulously designed, handcrafted rings, we’re here to help you find the way to your perfect engagement ring.


For a purchase that will last a lifetime, there are important considerations to make. For the best value, choose a budget that’s right for you and start with a ring style. Then devote the remainder to a beautiful, certified diamond.

See full post here

And now, off to start shopping
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Facts About Pearls

Pearls have been a symbol of purity and beauty.  These days, they are regarded as both contemporary and classic fashion statement. With the tremendous variety of pearls in the market today. Use this guide to find the pearl that is right for you by educating yourself on the quality and the facts about the pearls.


In the following article by Victoria Gomelsky from JCK online explains the facts about pearls which is important when adding pearls items to your jewelry collection.

7 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Pearls

Pearls are the anomalies of the gem world. Not only do they come from a living animal—in this case, a mollusk—they derive their pearly iridescence from an organic substance called nacre. What’s more, they emerge from their shells as finished products, no faceting or shaping required.

Most popular explanations of how a mollusk creates a pearl begin with a grain of sand, but pearl experts are quick to dismiss that notion. A microscopic organism is the more likely culprit. When the interloper finds its way into the fleshy part of a mollusk’s shell, the animal secretes nacre to coat the irritant. Over time, the process forms a pearl: See full post here.


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Choosing the Perfect Ring: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Rings are beautiful – round metal bands with gems set on them, really.  But at the right moment and with the right sentiment, a ring can be the most beautiful thing to have ever existed.

The circular form has long been associated with eternity. This could be one of the reasons why our forefathers gave their loved one rings to symbolize an eternal union. A man proposes to the love of his life with an engagement ring, and couples symbolize their maudlin matrimony with wedding bands.

A wedding anniversary is a celebration of years of love, trust and commitment. The hard part, sometimes, is choosing the right gift. One thing you can never go wrong with is the anniversary ring. Anniversary rings are a perfect way to celebrate undying commitment and an eternal union.

Whether buying an engagement ring, a wedding band or an anniversary ring, here is what you need to know before making the final choice.

The fundamental part of a ring design is the manner in which the stones are set upon the band. This is referred to as the setting of the ring.


Diamond Rings

Prong setting

This is the most common type of setting. The stone is held by prongs (usually 3 or 4) which cover small portions of the stone. The metal projections hold the stone in place. Due to its scarce use of metals, the prong setting is extremely popular for showing off the stone to its best benefit.

Bezel setting

One of the most stable settings, the bezel is also one of the oldest ways to hold a stone in place. The stone is wrapped around the edges with a thin strip of metal. A common complaint is that a bezel covers too much of a stone’s surface.

Channel setting

The stones are set within a ‘channel’ carved into the surface of the ring. The widest points (or girdles) of the stones are set within parallel grooves inside the channel. Supported by the edges of the shoulders of the ring, the stones appear to be ‘floating’ in the channel setting. This setting is closely related to the bar and pavĂ© setting as each features a number of stones set together in a streamlined fashion.

Bar setting

Stones are set along the surface of the ring, separated by bars between each of the, such that two sides of each stone are covered by the bars while two sides remain open. The stones are usually set at or below the level of the bars to make them more secure. The advantage of this setting is that it allows for a brilliant sparkle.

Pavé setting

Pavé is an arrangement of multiple stones so that it may seem like a single, larger piece. Small metal prongs are used to hold the stones very close together to enhance the brilliance of the final piece. This is one of the most popular and glamorous settings.

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Baselworld 2016: A Jewelry Overview

Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show is organized every year in the city of Basel, Switzerland. It attracts brands and audiences from all across the world, with over 2,000 brands and designers participating to exhibit their prized products and over a 100,000 enthusiasts and purchasers taking part. This makes Baselworld one of the biggest events in the watch and jewelry industries.
Primarily dominated by the watch industry, Baselworld has thousands of entries in the jewelry section as well. Some of the top-ranking jewelry exhibits from this year’s Baselworld (according to lists from Forbes and others) included original designs from Alessio Boschi, Antonini, Bayco and others. Here is a comprehensive list of the show-stopping jewelry at Baselworld 2016.

1. Alessio Boschi

The Italian designer who is quickly gaining reputation for designs that are unique and intricate put a brilliant paraiba necklace on exhibit at Baselworld, along with a ring and other jewels all inspired by the fountains of Rome, and in particular, those in Piazza Navona.

2. Bayco

Bayco is based in New York. It’s a family owned business that has made a name for itself for using remarkably excellent jewels. With seven doses of sophistication and an unquestionable modern appeal, Bayco churns out modern classic after modern classic. From amongst Bayco’s exhibit collection, ‘The Conquistador Emerald’, a platinum ring with 18k yellow gold embellishments over a 23 carat unenhanced emerald, kept all eyes to itself.

3. Chopard

Internationally renowned Swiss watchmaker and jewelry manufacturer, Chopard took the event by storm. Their 581-sapphire-studded masterpiece, Imperiale Joaillerie was a universal favorite among watch lovers. The piece is covered with 581 sapphires totaling 47.98 carats. The crown and the lug covers are set with amethysts. Chopard displayed an impressive round of products at Baselworld and won many hearts.

4. Antonini

Another Italian brand in this list, Antonini is based in Milan. Spearheaded by Sergio Antonini, the brand is known for its sophisticated and contemporary designs inspired by the traditions of design in Italy. For Baselworld 2016, Antonini showcased brushed yellow gold cocktail rings adorned with a 4.3-carat oval-shaped light-yellow sapphire in the centre with six lateral blue sapphires, and blanketed in 84 brown diamonds (champagne and cognac).

5. Carrera y Carrera

The Spanish jewelry brand needs no introduction. One of the most recognizable jewelry brands in the world, Carrera y Carrera brandished an assortment of five dragon jewels along with rings and fine jewelry from its Circulos de Fuego (Circle of Fire) collection.

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Jewelry Store: Improve Customer Experience

Little can be more exhausting for a buyer than getting stuck in indecision. It is the responsibility of the store to make the shopping experience easy and engaging. The customer experience should be streamlined and disentangled from complex activities. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, a retailer needs to understand customer behavior.

Signs Speak

People want their shopping experience to be uncluttered. It breaks their stride to keep asking store staff for directions to the right section, and nobody wants that. Enter signs.

Signs are simple yet effective; they speak to the customer. When used correctly, signage can be more helpful than store staff.

As a retailer, you want signs to directly communicate with the shopper – providing information that is short and to the point.

Complimentary Services


To hold customer attention, give them something they can work with. Free complimentary WiFi for customers, for instance, is a good way to keep the customer engaged at your store. Depending on the services you use, customers will have to enter their name and email or take a short survey that contributes directly to your business in order to use the free WiFi. You can also ask your customers to rate their shopping experience and its different aspects. Based on that data, you can improve your business further.

Friendly Staff

In a market where every retailer is selling the best products, what makes a brand stand out is customer experience. That is the key brand differentiator. To make a lasting impact, make sure your staff are helpful and treat customers with respect. If you make a good impression, customers might even recommend your store to their friends. Customer satisfaction forms the backbone of word-of-mouth marketing.

Quick Responses

Nobody likes to wait in vain; not even for those couple minutes it takes for you to finish your call before you can attend to the customer. Acknowledging the customers’ issues is as important as providing solutions to them.

Provide More Choices

Choices create opportunities. The more choices you give to your customers, the more likely they are to make purchases. Provide options for gift wrapping, free shipping and special discounts on every purchase.

Interact With Customers

That’s right. Let every customer that visits your store take something from it. Having style advisors at your store is always a great idea and a good way to make your customer feel comfortable. You can also install touch screens and interactive mirrors to let customers explore your products at their own convenience.

Employee Satisfaction

Your business is represented by your employees. A good business should dedicate some time to employee training. When employees are well-trained and happy in their job, it shows, and happy employees make happy customers.


A successful retailer never stops researching. The basic truth about the market is that it keeps evolving; and the rate of evolution seems to be going upwards. In a changing market, it’s impossible to survive without staying in touch with the latest trends and market patterns. The best course of action is to keep evolving at the same rate as the market.

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Buying a Diamond: Spot the Fakes

As the market steadily moves away from conflicted diamonds and the demand for conflict-free and even lab-grown diamonds increases, it’s getting hard to keep track of the new and different kinds. Among newer varieties of diamonds, you are liable to be duped into buying a fake diamond in lieu of purchasing a new variety.

Luckily for us, Megan Willett writes about ways to tell a real diamond from a fake one. Here’s the article from Business Insider

5 Ways To Spot A Fake Diamond

One of the most common questions that gemologists are asked is how to tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake stone.

We spoke with Reyne Hirsch, a 20th-century decorative arts expert and consultant for the global online marketplace Lofty, about how to tell when a diamond is real, and when and why to take it to an expert. See full post here

REMEMBER: lab-grown diamonds are not nearly worth as much as naturally-occurring diamonds. So keep yourself educated on the market trends and the recent developments in diamond mining and manufacturing. Happy and careful buying to you all!

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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You?

If you really want to know about a woman’s personality and her love life simply look at her engagement ring, says gem expert Antoinette Matlins. Engagement rings are a personal choice and even if brides don’t realize it, the ring on their finger speaks volumes about their personality, depending on how its cut. Love is rare and precious, and a woman’s ring is one of the perfect ways to showcase that, So, what does your ring reveal about you?

In the following article by Linda Diproperzio, she explains in detail what your engagement ring says about you?

What Your Center Stone Shape Says About You

A Classic Round stone symbolizes traditional values when it comes to love and romance. “These brides have a classic style and approach to live,” says Matlins. They’re also thoughtful and dependable, with their top priority being loved ones. See full post here:

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Common Myths About Buying Engagement Rings

Ready to buy an engagement ring? There there are several factors at play when it comes to choosing the perfect ring. Here are the most common myths for buying engagement rings that we’ve heard.

In the following article by Jim Greene, he explains in detail top 10 myths associated with buying a diamond engagement ring and set the record straight for ring shoppers.

Verragio Insignia INS-7001 product image


Top 10 Myths About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a big step for many men. However, some of the myths which are out there today about these ring purchases make men tread lightly when purchasing an engagement ring as they are concerned about going about it in the right manner. The following will list the top 10 myths associated with buying a diamond engagement ring and set the record straight for ring shoppers.

You Must Spend 2 Month’s Salary on a Diamond Engagement Ring

This is an often quoted sentiment which is, in fact, a myth. There is no set rule which states how much you must spend on a diamond engagement ring. Therefore, you can spend more or less than 2 month’s salary depending on what you can afford and what you wish to spend. See full post here:

Verragio Couture ENG-0418R product image


So, when you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring, don’t let these myths, take the process one step at a time and everything will fall into place

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