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Antique Jewelry – Different Classes

Antique jewelry encompasses various designs. Every style is unique in itself and suitability varies accordingly. Some designs are well-suited to a work environment while others look out of place. In face of staggering possibilities, it pays to know what to wear and how.

There are many distinct time periods of antique jewelry with their own unique art styles and aesthetic parameters – Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and well into vintage with Retro designs.

To shed light on different classes of antique jewelry, Norah Cambell writes:

A jewelry item that is more than hundred years of age can be identified as antique jewelry. A trinket which has witnessed history is a rare item with value. Some of the items can be categorized as used pieces. Every unique piece portrays superior workmanship. An antique piece of an age differs from the new jewelry. If you get a chance to examine an earring belonging to the Art Deco age, you will see the difference in terms of design of early Victorian or Georgian. One can buy jewelry online, and in doing so, he would know about the item in details. 

All Lies in the Time

 An antique jewelry can be made with unsurpassed gems and metals. Antique pieces can be crafted from gold, platinum, and silver. Available pieces could be also made from other metals. One can trace antique jewelries of alpaca, iron, copper aluminum, and other metal variations. Online auctions even displayed items made from titanium. Antique bracelets and necklaces combine metal artistry. Metal or stones cannot denote the true value of vintage jewelry. The traditional quality contributes in making the item exemplary. Time would enable determining the value of the pieces.

Vintage Jewelry


The Different Materials Used in Antique Jewelry

 Once a connoisseur plans to buy Jewelry Online, he can spend bucks for invaluable stones, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. There are even items of semi precious stones like topaz, tourmaline, lapis Lazuli, aquamarine, and the rest. For the mediocre antique lovers, there are artistic pieces of carnelian and onyx. Vintage or authentic jewelries are available in smart pyrite and marcasite quality. Antique designer items of polished steel and enamel are enough to fascinate jewelry adorners for centuries. One can even trace some organic antique jewelry made from amber, coral, ivory, pearls, and shells. There are leather items and fur made jewelries complimented for their remarkable design and artistic display. 

Marking the Worth of Antiquity

 The royalty marked and created a trend for jewelry. This served as a hallmark of quality and class. There are brands in the market which gathered fame as “haute jouallerie” in the first half of the 20th century. An antique jewelry is always a standard combination of elusiveness and delicacy. Silversmiths and goldsmiths of age were superior designers and artisans with metals. At the time, the church even acted as a significant commissioner for smiths.

Antique Jewelry


Age Specific Antique Pieces

 When grouping antique jewelry one can enrich the collection with Victorian jewelry, Pre-Victorian jewelry, Edwardian jewelry, Retro jewelry, Art-Deco jewelry, and Art Nouveau jewelry. One would be awe-inspired to take a look at the Victorian jewelries crafted in gold and accentuated with precious enamels. The Art-Nouveau pieces come with free flowing designs and effortless lines of curving. A vintage jewelry admirer can identify the pieces with dragons, feminine faces, and exemplary butterfly designs. There are even pieces which became popular during the time of King Edward. They came with the tag Edwardian. With rich gemstones and diamonds, the pieces can surely attract the mass of ardent jewelry lovers.

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