When you're in Florida, you must see for yourself the beautiful collection of Diamond Engagement Rings, Custom Jewelry Design, Wedding Bands, Bridal Jewelry,  Anniversary Rings and Certified Loose Diamonds at Monarch Jewelry in Winter Park, FL. In addition, Monarch carries jewelry brands like Galatea, William Henry, Masriera, Gregg Ruth, Gabriel and Co.

You might not expect to find one of the world’s finest luxury jewelry stores in the middle of Florida, but that is exactly what you can expect when you visit Monarch Jewelry in Winter park, Florida. Specializing in diamond engagement rings, certified diamonds, custom designed jewelry and high-end fashion diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and diamond necklaces, they are truly an American success story with international roots.

The family’s experience in the world of jewelry and gemstones goes back almost one hundred years when they would travel the world, visiting some of the most exotic places on earth, always in pursuit of rare gemstones and other natural treasures. The second generation of the family, their son John, then spent time apprenticing in some of the finest jewelry stores in Europe, learning the trade of diamond cutting and goldsmithing. Finally in the 1970’s the family settled down in the United States where they quickly became one of the most important wholesale color stone selling businesses.

As the market became more dominated by corporations, squeezing out the smaller family-owned businesses, they shifted their business model away from the wholesale practice and into high-end fashion jewelry. Specifically, they saw the future of jewelry as custom design work, and made sure that the staff they had consisted of highly trained professional artisans able to work with a variety of precious metals and fine gemstones to create some of the most stunning jewelry in the world.

That foresight has paid off as Monarch Jewelry has become central Florida’s preeminent jeweler, using their decades of experience to make sure they are offering their customers the absolute finest gemstones. Still a family-owned business, it is now the third generation grandson, Shawn, who oversees every aspect of the business. In 2011, that included completion of their flagship store. Building from the ground up, they were able to create the perfect environment to learn about diamonds, to meet with the staff and discuss your needs and choose the right jewelry that will be part of your world for generations to come. Every day, when they open for business, Shawn, his family and their talented staff of professionals always strive to do business just the way his grandfather had: professionally, affordably and as a family.